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It is no secret that PCS-ing is a deeply stressful time for military families. Once you receive your official orders, you are usually left somewhere between “What do I do now?” and “There is so much to do!” Regardless of where you fall in processing it all, , here are the top five things you should do for your PCS.

Set Up Your Move on DPS

The absolute first thing that you must do is to set up your move on DPS. Even if you plan on moving yourself, independently the military still needs to know how you are moving. During the DPS process, you will be able to see exactly what your PCS entitlements areand what you might need for any reimbursements.

The PCS Purge and Detailed Inventory

Think of this part of your PCS as a good spring cleaning. Take time and go room by room to clean out your home. A good rule of thumb is if you did not use orwear it at your current location and it holds no sentimental value,, chances are you won’t use it at your new duty station. . If you are limited on time then focus on clothes, linens, kids’ toys, and all the kitchen items!

While you are doing the purge, it is a great time to also create or update your detailed inventory. Having your own home inventory is important to know what you have but also in the event of a claim due to theft or damage. This list is vital for not only any claims you may have to undertake with the moving company but also your private insurance company.

Pre-Pack Your Belongings

I’m sure you are wondering why I am asking you to pre-pack when the movers do that. Great question. This is not necessarily packing your entire home, but pre-packing certain things. Think of this as the PCS pre-game, setting you up for all the fun! For instance, you can use scented trash bags on your hanging clothes to keep them fresh, or usee zip lock bags for Legos, small toys, and office supplies. When it comes time to pack it will be easy to just put the bags into boxes and will make unpacking easier too! You’ll thank me later, trust me.

Unpack Everything

Take the time to go through and unpack every single box when it arrives at your new home. Even if you are at a short-tour location, it’s still a very important step in the PCS. Doing so will allow you to identify anything that might be broken so you can file a claim for it and to ensure that everything did arrive. A bonus is that while unpacking/opening boxes you may realize there are things that you do not need and can also get rid of, creating more space.

Fill Out the Customer Service Satisfaction Survey

When all the steps to your PCS are complete, the last thing to you should do is log into DPS and complete your customer satisfaction survey. This is vital information for the Department of Defense because it gives them a look into the true experience you had during your PCS. The results of the survey are read and evaluated by TRANSCOM members who then use that feedback to shape any business rule changes which may need to be made. The method of how shipments are awarded to moving companies is also impacted by the results of the survey as it accounts for part of their best value score. In this, it is important to be honest about your experience because it will impact many other military families, too.

So, no matter where you are in your current PCS journey, if comes down to doing the bare minimum, be sure to put these top five things on your list.

Megan Harless
Military Spouse & Blogger