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Never show up empty handed; it’s the advice passed down through the ages when someone moves. As a military spouse, we know the struggle of trying to make a house feel like a home. This feeling isn’t unique to only us – it’s universal. Finding that perfect piece to complete the room is a hunt like no other. Bring this excitement to your quest for the perfect housewarming gift for your newly moved family member or friend. You’ll feel amazing about your epic find and probably pick up a few things you just love, but didn’t absolutely need, too. It’s okay, it’s your reward for your hard work!

Make it personal

For those that are super into DIY and being creative, a housewarming party lights you up like a Christmas tree. Your talents will not only brighten the recipient’s day, but also provide self-care for you. Below are some examples of amazing DIY housewarming gifts.

DIY gifts for the military spouse:

  1. Moving out of a house is stressful; give the following gift and you’ll be a hero! Decorate a big basket filled with their favorite scented candles and must haves for their move. Goo-gone, krazy-glue, scrubbers, cleaning solutions, Lysol wipes, and gloves. Throw in a gift card for take-out and you’ll be the best gift-giver ever.
  2. A new laundry basket with a painted “Welcome Home” sign. Fill it with a bottle of their favorite wine, favorite soaps, and some monogramed hand towels.
  3. For the new military spouse that just moved in: a meal prepped and ready to eat. You can decorate this in so many different ways! Include a sweet note welcoming them home and then you’re ready to knock on their door.
  4. A second idea for the new military spouse that just moved in: a box of “just moved in must haves”. Fill this with command strips, batteries, painter’s tape, and furniture protectors.

DIY gifts for all the special people in your life:

  1. A mug herb garden is super cute, affordable, and smells amazing!
  2. A jar filled with your favorite dry cookie mix items. Include the recipe and a sweet note welcoming them to their new home. Tie it with something festive and you’re good to go!
  3. Add some greenery to their new home by building them a DIY terrarium.
  4. Find an old copper pot and create a succulent garden.
  5. Create a gorgeous welcome wreath for their front door.

That perfect find

Know your person and their style – then set out to find that perfect gift, just for them! Thrift shops are no longer dirty words; they’ve been rebranded as “antique shops”. Go check out your local shops for those friends that love unique pieces. You know they have an empty shelf just waiting for your perfect addition. Ready, set, go!

  • That epic piece of art you know they’ll love.
  • Seek out a gorgeous vase for their coffee table and fill it with beautiful blooms.
  • Fancy coasters – their new furniture will thank you.
  • Antique welcome home signs are always a hit.
  • Find some old books and two antique book ends – it’s the gift that no one thinks to get for themselves but looks amazing on an empty shelf.

The thoughtful gift

These are the gifts that your receiver probably thinks would be a great idea but would never get for themselves. Here are some great examples:

  • A cute return address stamp.
  • Have a sweet and cozy blanket made with their last name.
  • Have a welcome home label personally created to put on their favorite bottle of wine and include glasses to celebrate their new home.
  • Personalized candles with an amazing smell on a serving tray. This is cute and serves a purpose all in one.

The needed gift

The things you know they need but may not be as pretty. It’s these things that really make the difference, believe it or not!

  • Spice rack organizer that spins- it will save space and time. Best. Gift. Ever.
  • Food storage containers: gone are the days of re-using plastic. This is an amazing gift to give because you can never have enough storage.
  • Measuring conversion magnet set in a basket with new cooking tools.
  • A compact tool kit.

No matter which avenue you choose for your housewarming gift, the person receiving it will be grateful. So, take a deep breath and try to enjoy the search – their smile will be worth the stress of deciding, I promise.