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Caliber Home Loans just celebrated their fifth year in a row of receiving the Military Friendly Brand ® as a company. This label isn’t given to just any company, either. It is earned through documented commitments to the military and their families.

The organization that runs the Military Friendly Brand® look for a few things when considering a company for this honor. For one, they look extensively into the records of the company to see what their material and social investment has been into military families and veterans. This is something CHL has been dedicated to for the past five years. They aren’t just looking to lend to military families, they want to positively impact their lives and serve them outside of a mortgage, too.

Another important factor in receiving the designation is their consumer protections, measures and policies. This is huge, especially in the wake of the financial crisis’ seem over a decade ago. It is imperative that any lender receiving this brand be safe for our military families. They risk and sacrifice enough, worrying about being taken advantage of should never be a stressor. If you see this brand and know that veterans want to work for them, it’s a good indicator of what kind of lender they are.

CHL was ranked #2 in mortgage firms to work for and #1 as a mortgage company by year over year growth. This is a testament to their hard work and dedication, not just by saying they believe in doing the right thing. CHL puts their words into action. They didn’t just receive the Military Friendly Employer Brand ® for one thing or area of their company, they were evaluated for six areas to meet the criteria. Here are the ways they met them:

  • Policies and Compliance
  • Recruiting and Sourcing
  • Support and Retention
  • Culture and Commitment
  • Opportunities and Advancement
  • Hiring and Onboarding

Not only did they meet the requirements in each area – the team at CHL exceeded them in most. Support, retention, culture, commitment and policies are just a few of the areas that CHL went above and beyond.

Although CHL receiving this honor and being one of the best organizations to work for as a veteran or military spouse is amazing, they are dedicated to serving those in need as well. With the partnership with Moving With The Military, they’ve been surprising veteran and first responder community members with makeovers for the last year and a half.

CHL also quietly gives and serves, too. There are Gold Star spouse mortgage support, homeless veterans supported and countless other acts of kindness that they do – just because it’s the right thing to do.

That’s their promise; to aspire to serve those who serve and continue to find innovative ways to support communities in need and provide stellar products and services.

Jessica Manfre
Military Spouse & Blogger