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May 23, 2019

Caliber continues to make an impact in our communities, from helping the dream of homeownership become a reality to volunteering in the communities we serve. Darian Stum, Todd Young, and Nick Gretka, Sales Managers with Caliber, recently participated in the Gaston Association of Realtors (GAR) Annual Golf Charity Tournament. The tournament was held at the Cramer Mountain Country Club in North Carolina to benefit Camp Centurion.

Veterans and Caliber Home Loans employees on lawn at Camp Centurion

Caliber and its sales managers are members of GAR so it’s no surprise that they jumped at the opportunity to get involved. While providing attendees with refreshments at the second hole, the Sales Managers made time to spread the word about Camp Centurion’s housing assistance program. They also shared homeownership information with those in attendance. Todd Young, pictured 2nd from the right, is a Caliber Military & Veteran Lending Professional. He is routinely in the community educating transitioning veterans about Camp Centurion and Caliber Home Loans. 

When Todd was asked why he volunteers with Camp Centurion, he responded, “As a long-time banker sharing in community events, my goal is to champion groups like Camp Centurion who have no self-interest, just an interest in helping fellow Americans.  I think it exemplary for these soldiers who do not forget their fellow patriots.”

Transitioning from Military Life

In general, past members of the military who operate transitional housing for other veterans offer healing. They understand how to provide proper support. There are countless organizations and resources available to assist individuals transitioning from military service to civilian careers. Some helpful steps are attending a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) workshop and selecting a military mentor who has successfully transitioned.  The local veterans service office is another valuable resource. In this instance, the Gaston County Veterans Office exists to help veterans and their families with benefit claims, educational assistance, and discharge appeals, to name a few. All services provided are free of charge.

The Gaston County Veterans Council (GCVC) recently created Camp Centurion. It is a new project that will provide housing assistance and support for local veterans transitioning from military service. As former members of the armed forces themselves, the council knows first-hand the challenges service members face during the transition from military life to the civilian world. For some, the process is seamless and exciting, while others find it frightening and difficult to find their way. Some veterans struggle with physical limitations or mental health challenges and aren’t quite ready to go home. This is where Camp Centurion comes in.

About Camp Centurion

It has been said that veterans have a better chance of successfully transitioning into civilian life when they have the support of otherveterans who also served. Camp Centurion gives them that chance.  Their mission is to provide a safe home environment, services, and support for veterans waiting for permanent housing assistance.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs estimates that there are nearly 40,000 homeless veterans in the United States. Service members applying for housing choice voucher programs typically find themselves on a waiting list. Availability for permanent housing may take anywhere from 60 – 90 days. Camp Centurion gives our heroes a home, that might otherwise become homeless veterans.

More Resources to Help Veterans

At Camp Centurion, resources are available to help veterans learn how to locate housing, start civilian careers, and even apply for VA benefits. Every veteran also has access to outside VA counselors and information about VA benefit services. This facility provides access to credit score improvement classes, budgeting, job search workshops, and homeownership classes.  GCVC refers veterans to Caliber and other lenders to help educate and encourage them to become future homeowners. 

Camp Centurion is currently under construction developing two bed cottages. Once complete, it will house 12 veterans at a time for up to 2 years. The property sits on eight acres of land and is being leased at 1.00 per year for the first 10 years. Although the project is in the rehabilitation phase, it is already attracting donations. 


For more information on Camp Centurion or to donate, visit their website at www.CampCenturion.org.