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Sep 28, 2017

On a rainy July 3rd, around 200 people took time to honor a Vietnam Veteran.

Photo of the Members of the Patriot Guard saluting a departed veteran with US Flags.

Members of the Patriot Guard salute a departed veteran.

Photo of the July 3rd funeral cortege.

July 3rd funeral cortege.

Except for one brother, none of the attendees had ever met Daniel Hastings. They were not related to him. But every man and woman who attended were fellow Americans, who believed that every soldier should be shown respect and gratitude for their bravery and sacrifice. Hastings had been the only survivor of his Vietnam platoon.

Hastings was laid to rest at the Middle Tennessee Veterans Cemetery, surrounded by thankful hearts. Caliber Home Loans was represented by Brentwood Loan Consultant Erica Kelley and her family. Apache legend Geronimo’s great-grandson, a fellow military veteran, was also in attendance.

See a local Tennessee news station’s coverage of the event here, and learn how one of Hastings’ few friends searched for a few people to attend his funeral and was rewarded beyond her dreams.

Photo of Erica Kelley with veteran attendees.

Caliber’s Erica Kelley (far right) with other veteran attendees,
including the great-grandson of Apache legend Geronimo.